Since spring 2022, Magalie Meunier (Studio Ganek) has been working in collaboration with Carolin Sackmann (Openlines).

For hotels, businesses, property developers and local governments, we provide support and advice on commissioning and installing unique works of art, tailored to your specific requirements.

With our extensive network of artists and our expertise in the production of artworks, we can oversee your installations from A to Z.

Our combined expertise and our passion for art guarantee professional, comprehensive management of your project, from writing the requirements document to the final inauguration.

Our all-inclusive offer enables you to acquire a work of art tailored to your needs, making an impact on your branding and adding value to your business.

Working with us means choosing to improve your organisation's overall quality of life, while optimising it, and allowing your internal parties to thrive.

Our aim is to spread art in an innovative way, as a source of well-being, emotion and creativity in everyday environments!

Introduction of our project team

With over 15 years' experience in managing artistic projects, we have developed a broad spectrum of expertise in artistic support and coordination. We have a large network of emerging and established French and foreign artists who are recognised by the artistic scene.

Your interlocutor, Carolin Sackmann, Openlines, is specialised in marketing strategy and will help you with the administrative and planning aspects throughout the project.

Magalie Meunier, Studio Ganek, is an expert in art and artworks production. She will introduce you to the artists best suited to your project and will oversee the artworks production until their delivery on site.

Our complementary skills, our expertise in project management and easy communication will guarantee you peace of mind from start to finish.

Our mission: to create a bond through specially designed works that are accessible to all!

Call a human-scale structure from Lyon for your innovative projects!

Carolin Sackmann, Openlines‭
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Magalie Meunier, Studio Ganek
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