Studio ganeK
production & diffusion • contemporary Art


Studio Ganek acts as a delegated producer or service provider, accompanying local authorities, companies, institutions and independent artists, from the development of partnerships to the realization of contemporary art projects. Studio Ganek brings together and offers a wide range of skills:
• direction and follow-up of production
• diffusion
• administrative support,
whatever the form (exhibition, production of work, event, artistic commission, prize, etc.), the duration and the specificity of the artistic projects to defend.

Studio Ganek responds in a structured way to the requirements and the conduct of projects to promote their development, in France and internationally, in identified networks. The stakes of each artistic approach are approached in a sensitive manner, by thinking about feasibility and offering global or specific support, while positioning itself as an interface, a space for exchange and advice.

Studio Ganek is thus committed to artists in the field of contemporary art with the aim of promoting the singularity and construction of their works and projects, accompanying them on their journey and disseminating their activities.


Július Koller, 1983 • Collection Musée
d’art contemporain de la Haute-Vienne

The Slovak artist Július Koller (1939-2007) founded the U.F.O. Ganek Gallery in 1971 at the almost inaccessible summit of the High Tatras. A committee of artists close to Koller met regularly to establish the content of this fictitious exhibition space, which by its very existence arouses the imagination and offers the possibility of freely developing ideas.

50 years after Július Koller, the accuracy of this utopian project leads Studio Ganek to follow in its footsteps. Firmly committed to the artists, we propose a space of possibilities, a platform of reflections and collective actions thought as a place of creation porous and without border. The notion of work, in the art world, is sometimes put aside in favor of its symbolic value. We wish to re-engage this notion, by sharing the intense adventure that is the production of a work of art, in and out of the museum setting. Anchored in contemporary society and its issues, the artistic projects we accompany are disseminated for and to the greatest number of people.

Identité graphique: Fabien Coupas.
Typographies: Julius - Fabien Coupas, Pitch Sans - Klim Type Foundry.